Revolutionizing healthcare

In 2018, Dr. William Stanford began providing consultation in genomic and precision medicine to patients and their primary care providers. Excited about the effectiveness of his approach, he looked for a way to bring the same level of care to as many people as possible.  Meanwhile, tech industry veteran Bill Turpin was working on creating a shared health platform that would standardize and centralize every individuals’ health information to make coordinating care easier and increase healthcare quality. After meeting and exchanging their plans, the two knew that the combination of their ideas would take precision medicine to the next level, and drive healthcare forward into the future rapidly. Today, their united vision has become Biography Health. We help clients take advantage of the latest science and technology to proactively prevent disease and extend their health span and longevity. We show them precisely how to maintain optimal health and build a team to support them on their journey.


Meet our experienced team of medical, innovation, and technology experts.

William Stanford

Chief Medical Officer
Founder, BHIPM 30 years healthcare experience Certified Genetics & Genomics through Stanford University

Bill Turpin

Chief Executive Officer
35 years tech experience Pre-IPO Netscape Redpoint & Kleiner Perkins Javascript & Multiverse

Lucy Janoyan

Chief Operating Officer MHA, NHA
Former CEO of Hello Pediatrics Former COO at CHE Behavioral Health Services

Our values

  • Empower patients to thrive Provide personalized, actionable information and recommendations to make informed decisions
  • Deliver trustworthy care Proactive monitoring and preventive care to improve patient’s lifespan and quality of life
  • Show providers new insights Provide AI-driven decision support tools that help physicians deliver insightful care
  • Patients own their data — no exceptions No data sharing without patient consent and compensation for opting in to research

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