DNAbled™ 101: personal, preventive

What makes us different

While we're not the only provider to offer DNA sequencing, most other sequencing companies stop there. They don’t collect enough information or have the medical staff to make personalized recommendations. DNA companies don’t collaborate with your primary care provider. They just dispense general advice and leave you on your own to assess what that means for moving forward.
Biography Health goes further by using your DNA information to make proactive, personal and precise medical recommendations. In other words, genetic information is used in concert with other factors to predict inherent tendencies and future risks. We connect these personalized risks with cutting edge tools to detect early disease onset and a custom plan to mitigate risk.

DNA sequencing is just the start

Beginning with the information DNA provides, we also assess:
  • Extensive family history
  • Thorough knowledge of your lifestyle, including sleep, diet, exercise, smoking, and social habits
  • Weight, BMI, and blood pressure
  • Labs and screenings
  • Medications, vaccinations, and allergies
  • Known medical conditions and health concerns
  • Personal fears, goals and motivations

Seeing the full picture

Status quo medicine knows a lot about treating present conditions, but the care is reactive. It waits for you to call in with a problem, and is unaware of future risks. Only Biography Health combines medical history, medical present, and predicted medical future. We look at the whole of health in a way no one else can and use it to develop your comprehensive plan: your DNAbled™ Blueprint.

The future of healthcare

The DNAbled™ Blueprint allows us to work directly with providers to augment their understanding of patient health, and to start anticipating and preventing problems. Only Biography Health has all the information and know-how necessary to guide a predictive healthcare journey. You are empowered to make your own decisions about what is best, while having a team of proactive, persoanlized physicians behind you.